An excerpt from Cathy that my mother laminated and saved for me

We all say it, “I’m turning into my mother.”  I know I have said it more and more as I approach the age my mom was when I first thought, “I’ll never let myself turn into my mom.”  Don’t get me wrong, my mom is and always has been a wonderful mother, I just never wanted to have the life she led.  I had plans.  I would travel the world, finish college, live on my own.  Do all the things my mom didn’t do because she married young, had me and became a “housewife”.

My mom’s version of housewifery (yeah, I think I made that word up) would have been Martha approved before Martha became a singular household name (Stewart for those of you not on a first name basis).  Her days were filled with baking, sewing, crafting and volunteer work.  She was my Girl Scout troop leader and the mom all my friends would turn to when they couldn’t talk to their own mother.  Her sewing skills were unmatched in our town, though they may have come second to a friend of my grandma’s who made the most amazing custom clothes in her day.

Her sewing was the bane of my young existence.  Back to school shopping always included the oft repeated, “I can make that.”  It was the 80’s and all I wanted was to look like Madonna or at least dress like my friends.  But fabric and time were cheaper than JC Penney’s, so I got homemade. And then there was Halloween!  While my friends dressed as punk rockers, cheerleaders or anything with a plastic mask from Kmart, I wore my mother’s custom creations.  I’ll leave you in suspense on what those were, tune in throughout October for an inside look into my mother’s amazing creations.

That’s right, I said amazing.  One thing that I have learned, especially since becoming a mother, is that my mom is amazing.  I did what I set out to do; received my fancy college degree, traveled the world and spent some time living in a one bedroom apartment.  Of course all of that led to meeting a wonderful man, getting married and starting a family.  Then it crept up on me, after years of thinking I was more like my dad than my mom, I realized that I was my mother and that was ok.  And so, while baking my mother’s all season bread, organizing the latest PTA fundraiser and trying to make a pattern for a knit hat I’d seen on TV, this blog was born.  I’ve turned into my mother and I’ll show you how because there is no one else I’d rather be.

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