Once Upon a Hat

So, let’s talk hats and TV.  I love Once Upon a Time and so does my daughter.  We spent a couple quality “sick” days glomming the entire first season on Netflix.  But beyond my love of tangling all things Disney into modern TV land, I can’t stop focusing on their hats!  It turns out I’m not alone.  There are entire groups devoted to the knits on Once Upon a Time.  I picked my two favorites and ordered some yarn.  (We’ll come back to how I started knitting on another day, it’s a long story!)

I decided to start first with Emma’s brown pom pom hat worn in Skin Deep.  I found a pattern on ravelry and began to follow it.  Luckily, Mom had supplied me with a box of inexpensive yarn that was perfect for a rough draft hat.  Over the years Mom has created many unique patterns by piecing different patterns together and then tweaking it. Based on my observations of the original pattern, the notes from others who made it and the changes I wanted to make to it, I figured it would be a good idea to make a test hat.

My first problem was gauge.  Using a wrap test, I determined my scrap yarn was a dk weight.  The original pattern calls for a fingering but yet I didn’t love the result the original author had gotten with fingering, it looked much more open than Emma’s.  Thankfully, Netflix now had the entire first season on streaming so I was able to pause the video and count stitches.  Yeah, I know, geek!  You’re not a real knitter until you count stitches to replicate an item you love.  I made some additional changes and I’ll give you both versions that I made.  I might just make a third….

Inverted Emma Pom Pom hat

Use dk yarn

Inside out Emma Pom Pom

Cast-on 126 stitches using long tail cast on. Size 5, 16” circular

Join in the round ( I love this method at New Stitch a day)

Rnd 1-18: *k1 p1*

Rnd 19-20: p (oops, I didn’t read original author’s notes that this is where you turn the brim under… who wants their brim under!)

Rnd 21-34ish *k1 p1* (I played this by ear, I didn’t want this part to be too short for the part over it)

Rnd 35: p (increase to needle size 6)

Rd 36: p3, *k1, p5* until last three sts. K1, p2

Rd 37: p2, *k3, p3* until last four sts. K3, p1

Repeat rounds 36 & 37 until piece measures  8 inches from round 19/20.  Pull yarn tight through all stitches to join.  At this point I realized that I didn’t read the directions properly and didn’t want my brim folding under but over so I inverted the entire hat making it completely different from the original. Make a pompom and attach to the top.

I liked the feel of this hat but I wanted to try it with something closer to a sport weight.  Unfortunately, the sport weight yarn I ordered came in at a fingering weight and I was back to the original pattern.  Again, I didn’t love the look she ended up with and wanted something with a little tighter knit.  Her gauge didn’t match mine at all so I decided to stick with the recommended yarn gauge.

I planned to work this inside out from the beginning… I knit faster than I purl.

Take 2 of the Emma Pom Pom hat

Needle size 3 16” circular, size 4 16” circular

Cast on 140 stitches on size 3 16” circular needles using long tail cast on.

Rnd 1-18: *k1 p1*

Rnd 19-20: p

Rnd 21-34ish *k1 p1* (I played this by ear, I didn’t want the fold over part to be too short for the part under it)

Rnd 35: k1,* p1, k6* (increase to needle size 4) *repeat until last 5 stitches k

Rd 36: *p3, k4*  *repeat until last 4 stitches k

(I’ve increased the rib size from the original from 6 stitches to 7.  I was trying to find a better balance for the last rib but it ends up at 5 stitches all the way up.)

Repeat rounds 35 & 36 until piece measures 8 inches from round 19/20.  Pull yarn tight through all stitches to join.  Turn hat inside out and add pom pom.

I still think I’d like to try this in something in between, like a true sport weight yarn.  Even using a smaller needle on the fingering weight yarn it doesn’t feel like it will be a very warm hat and it also doesn’t support a pom pom very well, dipping down a little in the back from the weight. I might even get rid of the folded brim all together and add a few more rows to the brim.  I counted 20 rows on my Netflix so maybe I’ll try that next time.

*Note: I’ve never written knitting patterns for others, just myself, so if this doesn’t make sense I’d be happy to answer any questions.  

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6 Responses to Once Upon a Hat

  1. Verónica says:

    I love the name of your blog. Chuckle.

  2. e.marie says:

    i will definitely give this a try… because truth be told: i have finished three knitting projects in my life… all three were hats… 🙂

  3. thanks for including us! great work!

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