You’re How Old?

Welcome back for a little more Halloween flashback fun!  I’m so excited for this post because this was secretly (shhhh, don’t tell Mom) my favorite costume Mom ever made for me.  It also shows what pioneers Mom and Grandma S. were in their costuming of me.  But let’s pause in our trip way back and go back just a few years….

It was the early aughts (‘00’s, 2000’s, I don’t know what I’m supposed to call them) and I was a new mom.  Like all new moms of that day I was enjoying shopping for my new little girl from the comfort of my computer chair.  And as we all know, the more you ordered online the more catalogs ended up in your mailbox.  DD was only a few months old when the fall crop of catalogs began to arrive and each and every one of them believed I should be getting my little bundle of joy ready for Halloween.  As I thumbed through them it became apparent that something was amiss.  I had to call Mom.

One thing you need to understand is our history.  Between Grandma, Mom and I, there have been many wonderful ideas that have turned into fabulous creations.  We get lots of compliments on them and then we move on to the next thing.  Within months, sometimes years, these items show up in some store, catalog or magazine.  We look at each other and say, “We did that first. Why didn’t we think to sell it?  Maybe next time.”  There is never a next time!  Whenever we try to make this happen it doesn’t, only when we’re not trying.  It is our creative curse.

The infant costume was proof that the curse lived and maintained its strength despite decades passing.  You’re curious now right?  What costume could possible be super popular for a newborn in 2003 and also satisfy Mom and Grandma in the early 80’s?


I think this is way cuter than the infant version.

There I am in all my pea pod glory.  If only the costume had survived, but I have numerous younger cousins who got to experience the joys of my Halloween costumes.

Just to torture a dear friend, here’s one more view.

If only our moms had planned ahead, D could have been a princess to my pea! But she makes a super cute Annie and she could sing all the songs.


*Mom promises to look for the book that inspired these garden fresh costumes so we can share the love.

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