Lost & Found

Mom has come through for all you costume lovers out there!  I haven’t mentioned yet that our family has a long history of hoarding  compulsive saving of everything that may some day become useful.  Lucky for me that includes the book that inspired my vegetable costumes: “how to make costumes for school plays and pageants” by Agnes Lilley ©1946.

I love that this book is geared towards teachers and building their collection of costumes for school plays and pageants.  How great would it be if kids could still perform in their elementary pageant?

As promised, here is the page that inspired my mom to dress me as corn on the cob and a pea pod.


As you can see from the instructions, Mom went above and beyond these basic instructions by adding quilting and padding to the costumes but this would be a great starting point for any would be costumer.

This book also includes instructions to create a variety of animals, fictional characters and ethnic costumes.  The center spread looks like you could create a live action “It’s a small world”.  There are also some basic stagecraft instructions and instructions on dying fabrics.  I’d be happy to scan and share any that you’re interested in.


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4 Responses to Lost & Found

  1. kerrieb40 says:

    OMG! I have to have this book!! I love making costumes and something old can bring me something new for ideas. Off to Ebay I go searching for a copy of this!!!!

  2. e.marie says:

    is there a pumpkin in that book? i was a pumpkin one year, and i swear it came from a very similar book 🙂

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