This section makes me feel like I’m at my husband’s company Christmas party or some required networking event where the most common question is, “What do you do?”  What they really mean is where do you work and my answer, “I’m a stay-at-home mom,” tends to send everyone into a scan of the room for someone more interesting to talk to.  Jobs are interesting, maybe you have mutual business associates, maybe you’ve been to their place of business, something, anything that would create some conversation, but a housewife, somebody save me!

So who am I?  My name is Karen and I’m heading into my 10th year as a domestic engineer.  I love that title.  My husband Ken and I have two children, Daphne our 9 year old diva and our little guy, Sully, who is 3.  I’m also an only child.  That’s right, I was the sole recipient of my mother’s undivided love and her skills with a sewing machine.  Wait ’til you see what she did to me!

And what do I do?  Ha, what don’t I do?  Stick around long enough and you’ll find out.


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