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Long Time No See

A year is way too long to go without posting but here I am, back again.  For 2014 I’ve committed to doing one project a week and share it on my Pinterest board 52 weeks.  I’ve forced Mom to join … Continue reading

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Just for you, Mom

I’m behind my personal goal for blogging but really who cares.  Who am I really doing this for?  My Mom and I.  So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m making a special post just for Mom. Mom passed the sewing … Continue reading

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Chips, Dips & Dorks

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, the one day a year that you will actually find me watching football with my husband.  I generally have no idea who is playing, nor do I care.  What I do care about is the commercials, … Continue reading

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A Small Obsession

Growing up in Michigan (blizzard of ’78 anyone), I was always chilled in the winter especially because we had giant picture windows in our living room (not the awesome gas filled triple pane windows of today) and there was no getting Dad to turn … Continue reading

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I did it

I’m going to have to back peddle a little bit here and post my Christmas post in January and then follow with New Years and head into the New Year.  The holidays are a crazy time around here but my … Continue reading

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Like Father Like Daughter

From the day of my birth (30 some years ago today), I’ve been told that I look like my dad. This isn’t a bad thing, he’s still a pretty good looking guy. He’s aged rather well through the years, almost … Continue reading

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“Oh, I’m sorry but that’s a secret.”  You’ve heard it before after enjoying an especially tasty treat.  There’s a super secret family recipe that travelled across on the Mayflower or was smuggled in or out of somewhere and you can’t … Continue reading

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